T-Rec – Recover Energy Chimney

¤ BETTER BOILER PERFORMANCE. Power washers boilers disperse a large amount of energy in the enviroment. By applying T-Rec on the boiler the heat otherwise dispersed can be used to heat entering water, aumenting the final exiting water temperature, and saving fuel.

¤ LITTLE BOILERS PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENT. T-Rec has perfect results especially on little and medium boilers, reusing up to 60% of dispersed heat. The final water temperature is enhanced up to 10%-30%.

¤ MONEY SAVING. T-Rec is designed for professional equipment; professional workers can increase power washer’s performance and capacity, also having an economic advantage given by the fuel saving.

¤ PRACTICAL. T-Rec is placed on the boiler’s chimney. The hydraulic connection is made by only connecting the inlet pipe to the T-Rec and by inserting the outlet pipe in the boiler’s water entrance.

¤ ADAPTIVE. T-Rec can be applied on almost every boiler on the market. TREX S.r.l. must be informed of the chimney graft dimensions to make the right junction between boiler and T-Rec, and the capacity of the mounting boiler, for a correct functioning evaluation