It starts from excellent materials and qualified personnel.


Exclusivity of the productive process and final tests.

Know How
Know How

More than 20 years of experience in industrial cleaning equipment.


From design and raw material to final product, Trex is always with you.

Who we are

Trex was funded in 1995 as a producer of boilers for industrial pressure washers and components like chassises and coils.

Thanks to technical knowledge and more than twenty years of experience of the founders in hot water pressure washers and thermomechanic special equipment, TREX S.r.l. has become leader in this industry in Italy in a short time.

TREX S.r.l. has recently widened its range of product up to the steam boilers sector, always responding to market needs and relying on its strong professionalism.

Our expertise allow us to give to our client pre-production consulting, setting in the design process with projects and samples, and recommending the best tips to reach a top quality Italian product.

Visit our site to enter in the true heart of Made In Italy: innovation, quality, versatility and expertise in thermomechanic.


Steam generators.

Washing rooms for dumpster washers.

Equipped vans.


Painting and molding.

Chassises production.


Bending and stampinging.

What we do

Our company realizes boilers and thermomechanical equipment and machinery.

Why us?

Our recipe for success is flexibility and versatility (90% of the work is in-house).

What we offer

We give to our client finished products that are assembled in-house, without depending on other suppliers and lowering the costs.

Our products

As TREX S.r.l. our goal is to provide reliable and high-performing products, using high-quality materials and precautions needed to match to the clients needs.

The label TREX S.r.l. assures high-performing boilers, with long durability and easily maintained: excellent products, that offers reliability and safety.

The materials, the production methods and the strict tests grant high-quality coils.

Hot box

Steel Hot Box is an innovative mobile boiler that sums up all our experience in hot cleaning and steelworking.

Created for professional use, Steel Hot Box is designed to be combined with group of cold power washers or for low-pressure water heating.