Vehicle-installations Design

TREX S.r.l. can design and install steam or hot water cleaning equipment on vans, fitting them with supply tankers and electric generators to make them autonomous from the vehicle engine. At request,

Special Equipment

Thanks to its technicians experience in hot water cleaning and its know-how, TREX S.r.l. can design and produce special hydropneumatic equimpent, like side-installated trucks or cleaning chambers for dumpsters cleaning, on client

Steelwork components for boilers

Other than producing steelworks for its boilers, TREX S.r.l. can realize steelworks designed by the client needs, providing technical support from designing tase to the finishing process. Thanks to the staff flexibility

T-Rec – Recover Energy Chimney

Recover Energy Chimney ( T-Rec ) is a device made to be applied on the boiler’s chimney and is used to pre-heat water using the smoke’s heat. T-Rec is a heat exchanger